Friday, August 24, 2007

Ah, the wonders of cleaning supplies and products...

Considering my house will be open this weekend to wonderful friends and family, I decided to clean :) Now, after a recent discovery that I, in fact, was a princess and not fit for manual labor, this would be yet another large step in my life. Now don't get me wrong, I've cleaned before, but I needed to clean with the speed of Infinity racers (Company is due in 4 hours). Here are a few of my encounters.
Ah... the dollar store broom.
Cost of two brooms.......$2.18
Cost of one dustpan......$1.09
Realizing you have the inner strength to snap a broom in half (i dont care if it was a cheap dollar store broom- i broke it!).....Priceless
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Next on the list: THE OFFENDING MOP!
A while ago (I dont like to mop) I decided to use a brand new Mr. Clean mop and some interesting smelling Mr.Clean Orange cleanser. After mopping, I was tired. Princess. Manual Labor, you get the picture. One afternoon (I'll let it dry on the balcony), turns into a day (Maybe it still wet, i dont know), turns into a few days.
Having your spineless neighbor leave you a note on your door to put your mop away.....Priceless
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For the final picture of the day: MYSTERY SPOT!
Our carpeting, once a nice shade of beige, now has become as spotted as swiss cheese. How does this happen? No one knows! The Mr. claims it wasn't him. I also claim the same. So until we find those pesky little gnomes that come in in the middle of the night to muck up our floor, we use Forgive you Friends (aptly named, don't ya think?) We love it. You sprinkle it on (or drizzle it, you choose the verb) scrub the hell out of it with a coarse haired brush and rub the excess off. Not bad for a find at the San Jose Flea market! Seriously, this guy had been there selling it for years, and we decided to try it. Holy Crap, it works :)
Forgive your Friends....$10
Forgive your Friends Upgrade to larger size and brush thing...$20
Watching Dear, Dear Husband play Cinderella with our carpet......Pricesless
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Soon to be posted:
-Digging through your purse for quarters for the washer, while holding a large full bag of laundry and a larger, awkwardly shaped laundry detergent jug.
-How not to kill the machine when it eats yet another sock.

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