Thursday, January 1, 2009

How to Cook Prime Rib

So, it is WIDELY known that I don't touch meat. I'm not being a princess (well, maybe I am...), it's a textural problem! I swear!! Anyways. Mom and dad got a great deal on prime rib (about $2-$3 a pound) and we were on the receiving end of a 4 pound prime rib!(THANKS!!!!!) So I ventured out to cook it. I know this involved actually TOUCHING the meat, but hey, I've gotta feed my family somehow. So below is my step-by-step process of cooking (and overcoming the grossness of touching) prime rib.

Gather your ingredients.
We have here: 1 roasting pan. 1 Meat thermometer. 5 Yukon Gold potatoes. Half of a bag of Pearl Onions. 1 carrot. 4 Cloves of garlic. Coarse salt. Rosemary. Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

STEP TWO: Preheat Oven to 450 degrees.

STEP THREE: Take a mortar and pestle to the rosemary. Crush, but do not obliterate the rosemary.

STEP FOUR: Cut Vegetables. Or have someone else help you. Or do it for you (I swear all I asked him to help with was the onions!!)

STEP FIVE: Toss the veggies with extra virgin olive oil and rosemary.

STEP SIX: Remove meat from bag.

STEP SEVEN: Try not to vomit all over veggies that took a while to prep.(wait, that step is just for me.)

STEP EIGHT: Pat Salt and Rosemary all over meat. DON'T FORGET THE OLIVE OIL!

STEP NINE: Cooking time depends on poundage. Google It. I did :)
Check Meat half-way through cooking process. This is a great time to add the extra virgin olive oil if you forgot.

STEP TEN: Add veggies.

STEP ELEVEN: Put back in oven :)

STEP TWELVE: Remove from oven. Check temperature. REMEMBER: The meat will continue to cook slightly as it sits.


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